Workforce Development and Support Council

MISSION STATEMENT: Support the Alamo Federal Executive Board (AFEB) and member San Antonio federal agencies to foster and enhance diversity at all levels in Federal employment, programs and service delivery.

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Diversity encompasses all aspects to include race, color, national origin, age, gender, disability, religion, economic status, culture, and sexual orientation.

The Workforce Development and Support Council (WDSC) is empowered to accomplish its mission by facilitating and promoting

*           inter-agency communication

*           inter-agency sharing of ideas and resources

*           conducting and participating in educational programs and activities for both the federal and civic communities

*           implementing innovations to address the opportunities related to diversity

The WDSC incorporates and expands the tenets and principles of the former Special Emphasis Programs, the Federal Women’s Program, Hispanic Employment Program, Black Employment Program, and the Disabled Employment Program. In addition, the WDSC serves as a roll model and liaison between the Federal and local communities of the Alamo area regarding Special Emphasis Programs including but not limited to: minorities, women, veterans, disabled, and the aged.

Chair:  Ms. Kathy Hidalgo, Office of Personnel Management
Vice Chair: Dr. Angela Canada, Air Force Personnel Center