Leadership FEB Alumni

Leadership FEB Alumni Association


The purpose of the Alumni Association is to foster Leadership FEB Alumni Association Activities and involvement within the greater San Antonio metropolitan area by “Giving Back to Our Community” by: (1) keeping Alumni in contact with local businesses, civic and governmental agencies, through the planned distribution of activities, events, programs, and publications; and (2) by coordinating and providing appropriate professional, vocational, personal, cultural, and educational information to Leadership FEB Alumni.


The Leadership FEB Alumni committee spearheads our ‘off-duty’ community outreach programs. The committee sponsors at least one volunteer community activity per quarter emphasizing servant leadership involvement. LFEB Alumni Association Charter.

  • Chair:  Cindy Luster
  • Vice Chair:  Gwendolyn Jones
  • Community/Membership Chair: Valerie Barber
  • Media Chair:  Alamo FEB Assistant


Membership in the AFEB Alumni Association is open to any graduate, or honorary member, of any Leadership FEB organization or like program in any of the other 27 FEBs (individuals who relocate to the San Antonio Metropolitan area and have participated in a like program are eligible), as well as to the Chair and Co-Chair of the Intergovernmental and Community Activities Council. Participation in the Alumni Association is voluntary. No annual dues are collected or required.