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2022 Feds Feed Families (FFF) Campaign

AFEB is pleased to announce the launch of the annual FY22 Feds Feed Families Food (FFF) Drive, an annual volunteer effort that encourages employees from all Federal agencies to give in-kind contributions—food, services, and time—to food banks and pantries.

In FY21, a total of 45,705 lbs. were collected with 35,692 meals served.  The winner of last year’s Campaign was The Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration (VHA) in San Antonio, TX.  VHA contributed 14,825 lbs. with 11,582 meals served.  VHA was recognized in front of their Leadership Staff and Peers with the roving trophy.

A special thank you to our top 3 FY21 FFF contributors.

Organization lbs Donated Meals Provided
VA – Veterans Health Administration 14,825 11,582
DOJ – US Atty’s Office 12,275 9,590
DHS – TSA – Canine Training Center 6,301 4,923


  • If you want your FFF rep. to track with the San Antonio Food Bank (which is reported back to AFEB), the registration form that organizations under FFF need to fill out in order to track their donated pounds of food is: Please list your Organization and FFF next to it, so the Food Bank is aware they are with this campaign 


The FFF Drive began in response to the 2009 United We Serve Act, which called on Americans to contribute to the Nation’s economic recovery by serving in their communities. During the summer months, demand for food increases significantly, but donations decline. FFF is a response to this cyclical occurrence. Since its launch, the campaign has collected more than 99 million pounds of food donations to support communities nationwide, with more than 7.2 million pounds donated in 2020 alone.  


This year’s drive begins on June 1 and runs through August 31, 2022; however, donations and volunteering may continue throughout the year. The campaign is centered around a one-stop website, the FFF Hub (, which facilitates virtual donations. At the FFF Hub, you can learn how to get involved, plan and promote volunteer activities, report contributions online, and see weekly updates on donations from across the Federal Government.  


To make an online donation to the San Antonio Food Bank, please visit the following link:


San Antonio Food Bank:


The AFEB has a roving trophy that is presented to the Federal Agency which makes the most contributions to this event. 


How it works:


  • Your agencies FFF representative identifies themselves to: and reports lbs. contributed throughout the campaign



AFEB is excited to see who this year’s winner will be to take the roving trophy from VHA and put it in their organization’s trophy case with bragging rights for this year’s campaign.


Thank you for supporting this year’s Feds Feeds Families Food Drive.


Jun 01 2022 - Aug 31 2022


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